Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 27 2009

Our friend the Moon in Aquarius was conjunct Chiron a bit before dawn; and is conjunct Neptune, exact at 9:13 am PST, then goes Moon Void of Course till 10:12 am PST, when she enters Pisces, her home away from home. We would expect hypersensitivity today, good for dreaming and dreams---at the risk of delusions. The boundaries between the me and the not-me may be thin, the veil between meatspace and the netherlands may be fuzzy. Be creative, but exercise caution with self medication.

The Birthcard today is the King of Clubs, a double Uranus with a 2 of Spades inside and an 8 of Spades outside. KCs include Keith Olbermann, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Chaka Khan, Ric Ocasek, Barry Manilow, Gary Stadler, Jesse Ventura, and James "J Bob Dobbs" Dobson.