Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2 2009

Moon in Pisces emphasizes the Uranus/Saturn opposition, exact conjunct Uranus at 5:41 am PST, and exact opposite Saturn at 10:23 am PST. Juno sextile Uranus and trine Saturn would point towards connections/relationships/tribe/community being key when feelings of upset or aloneness appear. When one most feels alone and upset is the very time to reach out and connect. Oh, the irony.

The Birthcard of today is the Queen of Spades, a Uranus implementation of a Mercury core, with a Ten of Diamonds inside and an Eight of Diamonds outside. Rare as this Birthcard is, here are incarnations expressing through it, knownst or unbeknownst to the characters invloved: Cuba Gooding, Lynda Barry, Isaac Asimov, and as shining examples of the shadow side: Jim Bakker and Dennis Hastert.