Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 29 2009

While still in Mercury Retrograde with all it's attendant twists and turns, Moon in Pisces will be "lighting up" the Saturn/Uranus opposition today, conjunct Uranus exact at 1:15 pm PST and opposite Saturn exact at 2:31 pm PST. Be aware of a possibility of impulsive reactions to feelings of isolation or alone-ness. Later a sextile with Mercury, exact at 4:34 pm PST will lighten things up a bit. Possibly a good evening for, er, Venus and Mars, so to speak as Moon is sextile Mars and conjunct Venus overnight.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Clubs, a Uranus expression of a Venus core, with a Jack of Diamonds inside and a 10 of Hearts outside. JCs include Rahm Emanuel, Ralph Nader, Oprah, Susie Bright, Jim Fixx, and Paula Abdul, whether they know it or not.