Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9 2009

If there was a lack of mojo dragging out of bed this morning, Moon was Void of Course. Will be till 10:14 am PST, when she enters Cancer, right at home for all the Moonchildren. Moon will be opposite Pluto, exact at 12:43 pm PST, and trine Venus exact at 9:31 pm PST. Of note, Sun is exactly sextile Uranus today, adding a flair for curoisity and, well, flair---creative change. With Moon opposite Pluto, deep emotions are likely to be stirred, but do not expect to resolve anything till later when Moon trine Venus adds the warm fuzzies to the mix.

The Birthcard today is the Five of Spades, a Venus expression of a Mars core with a Ten of Hearts inside and a Four of Diamonds outside. Sinclair Lewis, Jane Goodall, Jimmy Page, Eddie Izzard, Emo Philips, Rex Harrison, and Eddie Murphy are quite a cast of characters sharing this Birthcard.