Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8 2009

This morning should be off to a better start than yesterday, but the honeymoon may wear off later in the day, with our friend the Moon in Gemini T-square the Uranus/Saturn opposition. Moon will be trine Chiron, exact at 4:35 pm PST, square Uranus exact at 5:34 pm PST, square Saturn exact at 9:05 pm PST, and trine Neptune, exact at 10:40 pm PST, when Moon goes Void of Course till mid morning tomorrow. Be aware of feeling down, depressed with brash, sudden responses to it, followed by escapist fantasies as a "solution" to the feelings. Tomorrow will bring different weather of course. Stick around.

The Birthcard today is the Six of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Uranus core, with a Nine of Spades inside and a Two of Spades outside. Incarnations expressing through this Card include Soupy Sales, Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, Natalie Cole, Bob Marley, and Marvin Gaye, whether they know/knew it or not.