Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15 2009

Moon in Sagittarius will be conjunct Venus exact at 2:17 pm PST and trine Mars exact at 6:04 pm PST, which reminds us of the Venus/Mars trine. There is likely a three letter word in the air today, in expression of the sensate. However (there's almost always a however) south node is getting some focus in the form of a YOD pattern by Sun/Moon and Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron. The final wind-down towards New Moon may have a bit of a yin, lowish mojo feel, but with a possibility of a restless urge in the air today, one must eventually decide. Maybe tomorrow.

The Birthcard today is the Three of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core, with a Five of Diamonds inside and a King of Diamonds outside. Recognizable names of incarnations expressing through this Birthcard include Freeman Dyson, J. Paul Getty, Auguste Lumiere, Helen Keller, Rock Hudson, Bob Hope, John Adams, Howard Dean, JFK, Martin