Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28 2009

Moon was trine Mercury and the north node overnight, so if you were awake, it was a good time for writing. Moon finishes up in Taurus this morning, sextile Uranus and sweeping square the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio; then goes Void of Course from 9:54 am PST till 5:13 pm PST whne she "enters" Gemini. Be good to each other today as Venus is nailing the Pluto/Saturn/Juno T-square, and may be overwhelmed or outnumbered. Possibility of the restless Heart, look to unlikely or unusual places to find stability, grounding.

The Birthcard of the day is the Three of Hearts, a double Mercury, with an Ace of Hearts inside and a Queen of Clubs outside. Paraphrasing: the heart has reasons that reason does not understand. Woodrow Wilson, Dick Clark, Mark Twain, Earl Hines, Billy Idol, Winston Churchill, William H. Gates, Sr. , Linus Torvalds, Denzel Washington, Edgar Winter, Abbie Hoffman, Ben Stiller, and of course Samuel Clemens are incarnational expressions of this Card, or visa versa.