Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18 2009

Moon finishes up in Capricorn today, sextile Uranus around noon PST, and sextile Juno much later in the middle of the night. The common, popular beliefs have Moon going Void of Course at noon PST today; however as Moon will aspect Juno much later, it's anybody's guess. Pay attention to how you feel, when does the usual sensation of lacking mojo during Moon Void of Course "kick in " for you if at all? Regardless, innovation, new ideas are possible today, if you do have one, go for it. Enjoy the remainder of the Venus trine Mars aspect. As we enter an extended "Heart Card" phase which happens at the end of each year it is likely that any feelings or emotions will be powerful.

A reminder of "thou are not that" is in order as we approach Mercury and Mars retrograde.

Yes, it is absolutely boggling when one gets the picture of how much there seem to be scripts behind or under most individual and collective behavior; and yes, these scripts seem so lifelike. The collective "we" take our patterning, our drama, our stuff quite seriously. And yet...while it can be, and often is a challenge to swim against the stream, it is the opinion of this blogger that we are not "swimming" with or against cosmic influences or forces. They are more akin to cosmic correlations. The unseen currents of flow and flavor that correlate with Planetary (and other deterministic) Archetypal cycles are more likely collective belief systems (both conscious, and largely unconscious) in the Astral Fog. An analogy is that the wagon does not just follow the road, but also makes the road by adding a bit more of a rut when traveling, especially on the proverbial road more traveled. Rupert Sheldrake described a similar phenomena as "ruttles", as each event happens it shapes or strengthens the underlying form which contributes to shaping the experience of the next event, and so on and so on. Another story is that we, as human becomings actually have more influence over our choices than external circumstances would seem to indicate, it's just that most of us forgot. Ironically, many who study Deterministic Archetypal Languages (like Astrology, and the fringe of the fringe, Birthcards) fall into the trap of believing what they are seeing is "it"; rather than "seeing through" to deeper realities. When we are attending a well written, produced, and performed play we can forget who we are at the moment, lose ourselves in the story; and we are likely touched and influenced by the characters and story. Yet, we are not that story.

So, action does not completely stop during Mars retrograde, communication does not completely shut down during Mercury Retrograde. The beach does not cease to exist during riptide conditions. Yes things can get more squidgy than usual, but with awareness, is it possible for us, one at a time, to awaken just a bit more, enjoy the beauty of the beach, and walk where the riptide is not, even though our fellow humans (for whom we as humans have compassion) are struggling in the water, unaware of tide charts that we checked beforehand?

Today's Birthcard is the powerful King of Hearts, a Mars expression of a Mercury core, with a Two of Clubs inside, and a Nine of Spades outside. This is the Birthcard of Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Joe Biden, Steven Spielberg, Betty Grable, Dick Smothers, Robert Byrd, Beatrix Potter, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Timothy Leary, Lee de Forest, Geraldine Ferraro, Jim Henson, Annette Funicello, Bobby Kennedy, Lena Horne, Stuart Wilde, Franz Liszt, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Linda Eastman McCartney, and rumor has it, Martin Luther.