Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec 6 2009

Moon in Leo will be trine The Sun exact at 9:28 am PST, conjunct Mars exact at 3:51 pm PST, and begins a sweep opposite the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio in the evening. Likely less of an edge than would be expected from a Moon/Mars conjunction, as there is the trine with The Sun as part of the equation. Good day for getting things started and if they are already started, getting them done. Sun will be in the orb of trine Mars for the next week or so, so roll up your sleeves and go for it. Today, there may be a nudge to pursue dreams, take that brave and scary step towards what could be called destiny. Pay attention to intuition, somewhere in the midst of any emotional turmoil today.

The Birthcard today is the Queen of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Mars core, with a 3 of Hearts inside and a 10 of Diamonds outside. QCs include Michael Bolton, Ira Gershwin, Andrew Mellon, Robert Novak, Nikolai Lenin, H. L. Mencken, Immanual Kant, Arthur Laffer, Jack Nicholson, Jesse Owens, Will Ferrell, Ginger Rogers, Dave Brubeck, Minnie Ripperton, James Stewart, Aaron Spelling, Cher, Nicolas Sarkozy, Charles Mingus, Jonhhy Cash, Jackie Gleason, Alan Alda, Paul McCartney, and rumor has it, Socrates.