Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec 16 2009 New Moon

Moon was New Moon overnight, and starts off the day Void of Course. She "enters" Capricorn at 2:32 pm PST, will be conjunct Pluto exact at 8:00 pm PST and square Saturn exact at 10:24 pm PST. Hope you had fun yesterday, as the morning has potential to feel rather squidgy, maybe a bit off in an isolating, pressuring way, giving way to more direct sensations of isolation, pressure, upheaval later in the afternoon. Of course, the Venus/Mars trine may correlate with some harmony to balance out the prior. Relationships, partnering are likely at center stage today.

The Birthcard today is the Two of Clubs, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core, with an Ace of Spades inside and a King of Hearts outside. Aldous Huxley, Arthur C. Clarke, Mel Brooks, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Gilda Radner, Ashley Montagu, Tom Petty, Sandra Bullock, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Alan Sheppard, Bela Lugosi, Margaret Mead, Stanley Kubrick, Wynonna Judd, Benny Goodman, Jane Austen, Mick Jagger, and Segolene Royal all share this Birthcard.