Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31 2009 Full Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse, NYE

Once in a Blue Moon, even more rarely a Lunar Eclipse, even more rarely with Moon in Cancer, even more rarely (alright already) a New Year's Eve. Not that every moment isn't special, but this one is particularly special. Times like these beckon us to focus rather than dissipate. This has potential to be a magical evening, and one would be well advised to experience it with a clear head. There are plenty of other evenings to destroy brain cells. Try being present for this one.

Moon was opposite Pluto, square Saturn, and square Juno overnight; and will be sextile Vesta and opposite Venus this morning. The exact New Moon with Moon opposite The Sun is at 11:13 am PST. Really a good day and evening to focus, feel, think, visualize during a rare window of transition.

The Birthcard today is the Joker by most accounts. Like the Number Zero, it is an enigma, including to itself. Henri Matisse, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Andy Summers, Tim Matheson, John Denver, Max Pechstein, Donna Summer, Emile Fabry, and Val Kilmer are all New Year's Eve babies, and therefore share this Birthcard.