Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 20 2009

Moon in Aquarius will be opposite Mars exact at 6:44 pm PST. Are we at all annoyed? Mars went retrograde this morning (from our perspective that is, from Mars's perspective, Mars is just doing what Mars always does: orbiting The Sun). Juno has "entered" Aries, opposite Saturn. Moon will be sweeping conjunct the Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune trio late tonight into tomorrow early morning. Just to add to the fun, Mercury, although near the north node, is inconjunct Mars. There may be some WTF in the air. The Sun is conjunct Pluto for the next week or so, look for deep inquiries; explosive and possibly "dark" passions. With Venus approaching Pluto, the possibility of taboos or exotic "events" is enhanced, so to speak. With Juno opposite Saturn, relationship(s) may seem heavy at times, yet they are an excellent place to learn, if one stays with it rather than chasing off after forbidden fruit or other distractions. Overall, even with bouts of irritation, good intentions are likely today, possibly a bit rigid, but well meaning.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core, a source card with the same inside and outside, all JH all the time. Ivan Pavlov, Charles De Gaulle, Lisa Kudrow, Ahnold the Governator, Henry Ford, Olivia Newton John, David Sanborn, T.S. Elliot, Terry Gilliam, Uri Geller, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Gershwin, and rumor has it, Goethe, are various expressions of this Card.