Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 2010

Moon in Sagittarius starts off the day square Uranus, exact at 7:52 am PST while sweeping sextile the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. The sweep ends at 6:43 pm PST with Moon sextile Jupiter, then Moon goes Void of Course till 8:54 pm PST when she "enters" Capricorn. Moon will be giving a kick to the Pluto T-square by the early pre-dawn hours of tomorrow. Another night to pay attention to your dreams. Some good news about the Venus/Sun conjunct here. One might expect this to be a reasonably harmonious day, however there may be a bit of an edge in the aethers. Mercury will be past the stiction days in a bit over a week.

The Birthcard today is the 2 of Spades, a Neptune implementation of a Mars core, with a 6 of Spades inside and a King of Clubs outside. 2Ss include Kreskin, Roberta Flack, Jeff Bezos, Kristie Alley, Howard Stern, Francis Moore Lappe, Johnny Weissmuller, George Duke, Dana Carvey, Pia Zadora, Ram Dass, Ron Carter, Heather Mills, Mark Spitz, Melanie Chrisholm, Alex Comfort, Andre Previn, Audrey Hepburn, Laura Dern, Gary Numan, Marilu Henner, and rumor has it, Marquis de Sade.