Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28 2010

We will be taking a (busy) hiatus, so here are Astro links to keep up with what's happening in that realm of Archetypal Languages:

It's Planetary

Julie Demboski


Wise Woman in the Woods

Eric Francis

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The Birthcard today is the Queen of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Mars core, with a 3 of Hearts inside and a 10 of Diamonds outside. QCs include
Michael Bolton, Ira Gershwin, Andrew Mellon, Robert Novak, Nikolai Lenin, H. L. Mencken, Immanual Kant, Arthur Laffer, Jack Nicholson, Jesse Owens, Will Ferrell, Ginger Rogers, Dave Brubeck, Minnie Ripperton, James Stewart, Aaron Spelling, Cher, Nicolas Sarkozy, Charles Mingus, Jonhhy Cash, Jackie Gleason, Alan Alda, Paul McCartney, and rumor has it, Socrates.