Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 2010

Moon in Capricorn starts off the day Square Saturn exact at 6:10 am PST, conjunct Mercury, exact at 8:42 am PST, trine Vesta shortly after, and square Juno exact at 4:49 pm PST. Saturn goes Retrograde (from our perspective, at least) today through early June. Possibility of heaviness, but with depth, "stick to itness" today. The challenge is to not be indifferent to emotions, but also not be swept up in them. This may be somewhat frustrated by a hint of stubbornness in the air.

The Birthcard today is the Ace of Spades, the Card of the Magi, a Mercury expression of a Neptune core, with a 7 of Hearts inside and 2 of Clubs outside. Karl Marx, Jerry Brown, Charles Fourier, Michael Palin, Gurdjieff, Stanislav Grof, Michael Murphy, Chris Griscom, Dan Aykroyd, Billie Holiday, Allen Ginsberg, Sonny Parker, Sheryl Crow, Twyla Tharp, Ornette Coleman, David Sanborn, Freddie Hubbard, Sydney Pollack, Estee Lauder, Leslie Nielsen, Chuck Barris, Janis Ian, Deborah Harry, John Oates, Ravi Shankar, William Wordsworth, Eva Gabor, Pamela Anderson, Yuri Gagarin, Daniel Ellsberg, and Jennifer Aniston are a cast of characters who share this Birthcard, and at least one of them knows it.