Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23 2010 Moon First Quarter

Moon in Taurus was inconjunct Saturn but also making a grand trine with Pluto and Vesta just before Dawn. Off to a good start, an embrace with depth will likely be a sufficiently large enough space to hold any WTFs. Continuing, she will be square Venus exact at 8:36 am PST, trine Mercury exact at 2:07 pm PST, and square Mars exact at 7:03 pm PST. A good day for writing. With Mars (in retrograde) and Venus entering into the orb of opposite, sensuality, sexuality, boy/girl (and other permutations) is likely to replace the simpler Moon/Mars annoyance that would otherwise be the story. Today is a particularly good day to have a stable look at who and what we value and love.

The Birthcard today is the 4 of Diamonds, a Neptune expression of a Venus core, with a 5 of Spades inside and a 5 of Hearts outside. 4D incarnations include Antonio Villaraigosa, Michael Dukakis, John Hancock, Chester Arthur, John Quincy Adams, Jake Steinfeld, David Geffen, Pierre Currie, Nikita Khrushchev, Connie Stevens, Richard Tarnas, Ornette Coleman, J. P. Morgan Jr. , Vincenzo Bellini, Brian Eno, Woody Allen, Charles Bronson, John Wanamaker, Ursula Andress, Sybil Leek, William Butler Yeats, James Clerk Maxwell, and rumor has it, Avogadro.