Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 5 2010

Moon finishes up in Virgo opposite Uranus exact at 9:24 am PST, and then sweeps inconjunct the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter trio. Most calendars put Moon Void of Course starting at 9:24 am PST, but there may be a lingering effect till 4:30 pm PST of the trio sweep. Regardless, that transit is a bit of a WTF, so today is likely best a chill day, except for those who don't pay attention to such things; for them it will likely be a WTF day. Moon will "enter" Libra in search of balance at 8:58 pm PST. She may not find it initially, as she will be conjunct Saturn, square Pluto, and opposite Juno overnight and into early tomorrow morning. This would be a particularly good day to do or view Art as a good venue for some possible angst. Go see an Arthouse flick, or look at music videos on youtube.

The Birthcard of this day is the Nine of Spades, a Venus expression of a Uranus core with a King of Hearts inside and a Six of Spades outside. This is the "ring-pass-not" Card of transformation.
Yogananda, Chopin, Jean Dixon, Morgan Fairchild, Dirk Benedict, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Javier Bardem, Glenn Miller, Dave Davies, Gertrude Stein, Norman Rockwell, David Niven, Diane Keaton, Harry Belafonte, Henry Heimlich, Walter Mondale, Ron Howard all share this Birthcard along with the quintessential Nine of Spades: Marilyn Manson.