Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21 2010

Moon in Aries will be sextile Lilith Moon exact at 11:08 am PST, trine Mars exact at 12:02 pm PST, and conjunct Juno exact at 1:03 pm PST. Saturn is trine Venus/Sun and square Pluto/Mercury. Responsibility in values is a likely theme today. Yet another mixed message time. Some harmony from the Moon next to Juno and trine Mars, but there is a major Solar Storm buffeting the Earth, so hang tight and be good to yourself and others.

The Birthcard today is the 6 of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Mercury core, with a 9 of Clubs inside and a 3 of Spades outside. 6Ds include Geena Davis, Paul Allen, Larry Flynt, Christian Dior, Richard Strauss, Carrie Prejean, Courtney Love, Seal, Arthur Koestler, Emma Watson, Gore Vidal, Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Cindy Crawford, Bob Newhart, Mata Hari, Stevie Wonder, John Paul Rosenberg aka Werner Erhard, Jeanette Rankin, Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, Thomas Wolfe, Raquel Welch, Freddie Mercury, and rumor has it Copernicus.