Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 6 2010

Moon in Libra was emphasizing the Pluto/Saturn/Juno T-square overnight and into early morning, and will be square Mercury exact at 4:40 pm PST. Possible edge between thought and feeling, but with Moon also trine Lilith Moon, perspective is also available. Notice contrasts, balance along with that perspective today in particular.

Today's Birthcard is the Eight of Spades, a Jupiter implementation of a Saturn core, with a King of Clubs inside and a Six of Clubs outside. Mikhail Gorbachev, Alan Watts, Kahlil Gibran, Rosa Parks, Nick Park, Syd Barrett, Dr. Seuss, Zig Ziglar, John DeLorean, Rowan Atkinson, Tom Wolfe, Sun Myung Moon, Alice Cooper, Kitaro, Lou Reed, John Lilly, Karen Carpenter, and famous speller Dan Quayle all share this Birthcard, whether they know it or not.