Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oct 2 2008 Chill Moon

At Dawn, Moon is in Scorpio, square Chiron and pulling past sextile Jupiter and Saturn. Remnants of last night's dual flavors, towards congeniality and solitude. Yesterday's geomagnetic storm did arrive, so likely a bit of residual restlessness. Into morning, she is trine Uranus (exact by 11am PST) and square Neptune (exact by 3pm PST). Expect something different or surprising, and heightened sensitivity, but without a clear sense or mode of communication or completion. Moon goes Void of Course a bit before 4pm PST for a long one, through tomorrow a bit past 8am PST. A good time to chill and reflect. Do not embark on any new endeavors, and definitely avoid self medication. Any feeling of un-settledness will pass, and better to do it with as clear of a head as possible.

The Birthcard of today is the Seven of Diamonds, a double Venus. Have a look at the mythologies of Eros and Aphrodite while chilling this evening.