Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oct 1 2008 Under a Sociable Moon

Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus is the theme throughout the day, exact around 3pm PST. By dusk we will be in the orb of Moon sextile Jupiter and Saturn, whom are still trine each other, and opposite Vesta, all exact after hours. There is also a possible Solar storm, watch for Aurorae if you are far enough away from the equator. If the Solar storm hits, there will be additional restlessness, more unpredictable behaviour. The tendency would be to socialize, good relations with a possibility of overindulgence. Towards evening there will be opposite influences, towards congeniality, and towards being alone to contemplate. Could go either way, depending on what is being transited in One's Natal/Birth chart.

The Birthcard today is the Eight of Diamonds, a Solar or Crown expression of a Jupiter core. The Finnish mythology of Vainamainen would be a fun finish for the day.