Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29 2008 Waking up on the right side of the Moon

If you are feeling slightly irritable this morning - Moon is approaching conjunct Mars, 17 degrees Scorpio. It will be exact at 2:17 pm PST. As it moves towards exact conjunct Mars it is moving into square Neptune which is 21 degrees Aquarius to add to everyone's sensitivities. Moon/Neptune square is exact in the later pm before 10 PST. At the same time Moon will be sextile Saturn and Jupiter, and will be trine Uranus. Moon/Saturn - leaning towards alone time or wanting conversations that are serious and/or reflections on feelings as they relate to responsibilities. Moon/Jupiter - is the desire to be with others offering your support. Moon/ Uranus - wanting something new, out of the usual, could be a tendency towards impulsiveness. The New Moon is influencing the Uranus/Saturn opposition (which is 1 degree from exact) adding more emotion, connection, self-reflection to the major transit of change verses status quo. Neptune is sextile Pluto which is the opportunity for deep spiritual transformation. 

If you are planning for the weekend festivities pay attention to Venus square Saturn and Uranus which could put some stress on your relationships by being overly critical or analytical, thinking you want change or trying to prevent it, or sudden impulsive moves. Just to confuse things Venus will be conjunct Moon and sextile Neptune on Halloween stirring romantic feelings and idealistic fantasies. There could be a tendency on the weekend to think you are crazy and confused however, remember the blog, take a deep breath, and have fun. Try not to get too caught up in the antics of the transits!!

The Birthcard of the day is the Six of Hearts, a double Mars. It has a inner Four of Clubs for a foundation of knowledge, and an outer Three of diamonds for change/decision in values. See the mythology of Ares for insights.