Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24 2008 Well Past Mercury Retrograde

Hopefully you survived the last of the red stiction days of retrograde this past weekend and have been noticing better communication and less mishaps as each day passes. As we get closer to the election there is an increasing tension between Uranus and Saturn as these planets move toward exact opposition. Today Saturn is 17 degrees in Virgo and Uranus is 19 degrees Pisces. Moon will be aspecting this opposition (a tightrope of change and status quo) most the day and evening. Moon will be siding up with the status quo side (Saturn) starting this morning as it comes into 8 degrees conjunct Saturn and exact at 9 pm PST. Moon will be opposing Uranus - exact around midnight. Notice how these transits effect you. Do you sense the insistence of change and resistance to move in new directions? Does the Moon/Saturn create a feeling of having to face things alone - wanting to withdraw into a safe cocoon? Does Moon/Uranus feel like change is moving too fast, upseting, not knowing what the consequences will be? There is also a possibility of feeling desirous of big changes and a resolve to do what it takes to make things happen as contributing planets, Jupiter and Mars aspect Saturn/Uranus opposition. Jupiter, 15 degrees Capricorn is trine Saturn and sextile Uranus. Mars, 14 degrees in Scorpio is trine Uranus and sextile Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter and Mars can be experienced as very supportive during this strong impetus for change.

Venus/Mercury sextile is great for the arts and writing. Sun/Pluto sextile - opportunity for productive depth work. Mercury/Jupiter square may be experienced as wanting to debate about political/philosophical issues. Neptune/Pluto sextile - awesome transit for significant spiritual understandings that are transformative. Neptune/Mercury coming into trine is a time of contemplating ideals, dreaming up how your world can be. Neptune/Mars square - Neptune diffuses the action of Mars. Can be a feeling of weakened efforts or can be attempts to get what you want through indirect or deceptive means. Be aware of the tendencies of Mars as it aspects various planets.

The Birthcard of the day is the Jack of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core. The mythology of Krishna may hold meaning today.