Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28 2008 New Moon

Moon conjunct Sun exact at 3:14 pm PST- New Moon - time of balance between feelings and logical self, re-energizing for what is ahead. 

Saturn/Uranus opposition within 1 degree aspected by Mars and Jupiter sextiles and trines adding to support of both sides (Uranus - change, Saturn - structure). Neptune is aspecting Mars which may be experienced as a sense of weakening Marsian efforts of action perhaps by diffusing or confusing the issues. On the other side of things, Neptune is trine Mercury and Venus is sextile to both of these planets. Overall Neptune, Mercury, and Venus sharing soft aspects gives a place for vision questing, imagining how things can be, and setting intentions. 

Be aware of Venus square Saturn throughout the week and weekend. You may find that you are seriously looking at your relationships, what is working, what is not. After this transit Venus will head to conjunct Pluto around election day and exact November 11th, which is intensity of emotions with those that are close to you, especially love relations. 

Today is 7 of hearts day. The spirit card of this seven is ruled by the 8 of hearts, and its soul card is Ace of Spades. Love that serves others through wisdom finding the open paths of connection.