Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31 2008 Bobbing for archetypes

Moon is approaching Venus and will be conjunct around midnight PST and will most likely be felt throughout the day and during your evening outings. Moon/Venus is a great transit for relating desires, feelings of closeness. However, there may be conflicting signals due to Venus squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Venus/Saturn - obstacles or blockages to love relationships and Venus/Uranus - rather abrupt surprises or changes that have to do with relationships. Your personal natal chart in relation to these transits will probably be the determining factor of which way things go, or if you are really conscious of spotting the astralfog then you may be able to work with the archetypal energies. Venus is a loose sextile with Neptune and Mercury. This transit is great for fantasy, illusions and costuming - tonight is a perfect venue for Venus. Mercury trine Pluto adds to the love of the mysterious.

The Morning After (or whenever your wake up after your fun night out) - Mars square Neptune may be felt - strong self-doubt, low energy - along with Moon conjunct Pluto which can feel like a plunge into darker emotions - could be an overall feeling of being small, insignificant. In the next few days Moon will be passing over Pluto then to conjunct Juno (which is the higher octave of Venus concerning long term commitments) and then to Jupiter by November 3rd. This will be a stark contrast from the inward and self-depreciating transits of Mars/Neptune - Moon/Pluto. Take care and be aware of the possible extreme mood swings. Any transits that have to do with the Moon will pass within a day!! The Mars/Neptune will still be in the background. Find out what works for you when experiencing the archetypal whims. 

Today's Birthcard is the Four of Hearts, a Neptune implementation of a Mercury core also known as the foundation of Love and Home. In contrast to the seemingly wild holiday of Hallow's Eve, the Four of Hearts is has a determined Four of Spades inside, and a Masterful Ten of Spades outside. The mythology of Iduna (Norse) is worth a look.