Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct 5 2008

Around Dawn, Moon is conjunct Juno and sextile Neptune. Through the day, she is entering the orb of conjunct Pluto, exact around 5pm PST. Moon goes Void of course exiting Sagittarius between 6pm and 9 pm PST. Morning tendencies might be sensitive, hypersensitive with a nurturing touch, impressions from beyond the now thinner veil. Deep, intense to the point of overwhelming feelings and emotions are likely later in the day---Moon/Pluto is the "therapist's" transit. They may or may not be fathomable. Fortunately, bringing a bit of stability, anchoring to the tendency to self analysis today is:

The Birthcard of the day is the Four of Diamonds, a Neptune implementation of a Venus core, also known as the foundation in/of values Card. See the mythology of Baldur (Norse).