Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 29 2008

Don't make any life altering decisions till after 10 am PST when Moon emerges from Void of Course into Capricorn. At the same time, she is conjunct Pluto and trine Vesta. Possibility of deep and intense emotions, good time to get in touch with instinctual feelings. Longing for home or that feeling of home and all it represents? Moon-Pluto is the "therapist's transit", superficiality will not do. Maybe hold off on that life altering decision from 10:01 am a bit longer, till this evening after the volcano has cooled off and solidified. Remember that not all volcanoes are explosive, some just flow magma from the depths that eventually becomes fertile soil.

Today's Birthcard is the Four of Hearts, a Neptune implementation of a Mercury core, with a Four of Spades inside and a Ten of Spades outside. Jacques Chirac, Johannes Kepler, Louis Pasteur, and John Keats are various incarnations expressing through this Card.