Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov 6 2008 Let the Renissance begin

We shall continue to see the results of the last couple years: a transit of Saturn opposite Neptune followed by Saturn opposite Uranus. Exposing established structures and illusions, then changing the structures. As to shorter cycles, our friend the Moon has continued her cycles and is conjunct Neptune, sextile Venus, and square Mars today. Excluding how these transit/aspect your Natal chart of course, there may be tendencies towards: the veil between the "you" and the "not you" being thinner than usual; social and private/intimate friendship; paradoxically hasty, irritable moods that pass quickly.

Post election we will pen more thoughts on the pitfalls of prediction, including the naive presumption that Archetypal languages somehow can magically make rational the irrational....however, there is one source that has been an accurate mirror for the collective mish-mosh, only missing one presedential election call (in 1916!) ever: bookies. More later.

Today's Birthcard is the Ace of Diamonds, a Jupiter implementation of a Neptune core, with a Two of Diamonds inside and an Ace of Hearts outside.