Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4 2008 Saturn/Uranus Exact

At 5:35 am PST Saturn (18 degrees Virgo) is exact opposition to Uranus (18 degrees Pisces). What aspects of Saturn will be upset through change? What changes will be resisted? What will be the third space from these archetypal energies? It will be interesting to experience the Moon during the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which has been void of course since 10:47 pm last night until 4:01 pm PST. Sun in Scorpio is trine Uranus - an emotional and energetic response to change. Venus/Pluto conjunct - power of emotions in relationship to others. Pluto has to do with power, possessiveness, plunging into the underworld. Venus is square Saturn and square Uranus - this may be expressed as upsets and sudden changes within a relational context - and feelings of being blocked or experiencing limitations. Venus is also sextile Neptune - Venusian ideals and illusions. Mars square Neptune - facing consequences of past actions, evaluation and possible self-doubt of actions taken, weakened energy. Jupiter is sextile Uranus and trine Saturn - opportunity for new ideas, altering plans - realization of responsibilities in the world. Neptune sextile Pluto - opportunity for deep transformation. Mercury will leave Libra today and enter into Scorpio - communications can take on hidden aspects.

Today is a 3 of diamonds. This card has a 6 of hearts as an inside source and a Queen of diamonds as its ally. The power and responsibility of this heart card can inform the indecisive quality of the three. Serving others with what is of value is an attribute of the Queen of diamonds that can guide in finding a beneficent direction.