Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1 2008 Beyond Moon and Venus

Moon is making it's way from conjunct Venus last night to conjunct Pluto today. See yesterday's blog entry section of The Morning After. If you are having ups and downs in your relationships they may be reflecting the rather erratic emotional path of the Moon over the past few days and the somewhat longer transits of Venus that have to do with Saturn and Uranus. Venus will be moving towards Pluto as well so it will not be surprising to be pulled into some type of angst relationally. Moon will be sextile Neptune and Mercury which is good for expression of feelings and listening to others. This can be an ally in the midst of the other transits if you have things that really need to be expressed. 

Saturn is still 1 degree away for exact opposition Uranus. It will be exact on November 2. Change and tradition are fulling facing each other.

The Birthcard of today is a 6 of diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Mercury core---responsibility in values. There is a Nine of Clubs inside, and a Three of Spades outside, a key is serving others with the universal knowledge of the nine through the help of the creative three.