Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7 2008 Moon relating

Moon will be trine Mercury this morning then later in the day will trine Sun. These soft aspects will be conducive to communicating how you feel to others and experiencing a sense of balance between your logical and emotional self. Towards the evening Moon will be closer to conjunct Uranus which can be an upset in feelings, especially in close relationships. As Moon conjuncts Uranus it will also be opposing Saturn - perception that you are alone, or feelings of isolation, some type of withdrawing from others. The later Moon transits of the day will contrast the earlier feelings of clarity and productive communication. In the background to the Moon's activities, Sun is loose conjunct Mars - moving projects forward, asserting your ego self, perhaps wanting recognition. If not moving something forward it can feel like bottled irritability. As Sun is conjuncting Mars it is trine Uranus - this can bring in an aspect of uniqueness or innovative qualities to the projects that you are working with.

Relationships - Venus is close to conjunct Pluto - Take care in how you are working with this intense conjunct. Relationally Venus/Pluto can be experienced as digging up old patterns, jealousies, issues around power - taking each other into the depths. Giving this transit a creative and artistic expression other than talking could be more useful while it is aspecting. This transit will be exact next week so it gives you some time to work with its energy if you choose.

The Birthcard of today is King of Clubs, a double Uranus, with a Two of Spades inside and Eight of Spades outside. This is the card of Joni Mitchell (Nov. 7) and John Lennon (Oct 9). People with this card embody creative perspectives on life - express themselves in unique and impressionable ways. Their Kingly presence belies possible fears within of the unknown represented by the Two of Spades. The healing aspects of the Eight of Spades offers an ally for the King of Clubs as it is a mastery number and as a Spade holds the wisdom of the other suits.