Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3 2008 Moon/Jupiter day

Moon is approaching Jupiter in Capricorn and will be exact at 2:22 pm PST. Great transit for working in or with groups, great for feeling generous towards others. Moon/Jupiter is trine and sextile the Saturn/Uranus opposition - there is opportunity to support the changes of Uranus energy and support the structures on the Saturn side. Mars is also aspecting the Saturn/Uranus opposition. It is sextile Saturn which can be experienced as sustained energy towards projects and it is trine Uranus - breaking free of situations that feel constrictive or limiting. Neptune is squaring Mars - this can feel like a lack of energy to follow through. Take notice of your own energy to get things done in the next few days. Venus and Pluto (forming a loose conjunct in Sagittarius) are sextile Mercury and sextile Neptune. Ideals are at a heightened position with these transits. Venus is squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition - this may be experienced as obstacles in relationships and or sudden upsets that are challenging. Neptune in Aquarius which has been retrograde is now direct. You may feel a subtle shift in the collective consciousness, more openness. Neptune is sextile Pluto which is deep spiritual transformation. This relationship between Neptune and Pluto may be experienced as an ally to the Saturn/Uranus tension of change and status quo.

Relationally you may feel very close to friends, lovers, and family (Moon/Jupiter) today with a background sense of Venus square Saturn, Venus square Uranus that there is some blockage or obstacles to face in relationship and that change is in the air.

Today's Birthcard is Four of Diamonds, the foundation in values, a Neptune implementation of a Venus core. Stable as it may be, there is an inner aspect of the Five of Spades and an outer aspect of the Five of Hearts. Fives can embody a Promethean energy of change.