Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2 2008

Saturn is 18 degrees Virgo and Uranus is 18 degrees Pisces today. It will be exact in terms of degrees and minutes on the morning of November 4th at 5:35 am PST. Be aware of this transit as it moves into an exact position. Strong Promethean energies of change challenge Saturnian limitations and visa versa. Emotions will be peaked on election day as Moon squares Mercury, as Mercury moves from Libra to Scorpio, and as a Venus/Pluto conjunct squares the Uranus/Saturn opposition.

Today Moon is conjunct Juno. This is a good transit for sharing and closeness in your long term relationships. It will be followed by Moon/Jupiter tomorrow - desires to work in or with large groups and feelings of generosity. You will probably feel some of the effects of the Moon/Jupiter towards the late evening. Enjoy these beneficent transits.

The Birthcard today is Five of Diamonds, a Saturn implementation of a Neptune core---a Nine of Diamonds on the inside and a Three of Clubs on the outside. See the mythology of Odin.