Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10 2008

Moon is now in Aries. During the day and this evening Moon will square Jupiter and sextile Neptune. Moon/Neptune - permeable boundaries with others, easier time of sharing feelings, listening, and empathy. Can be a tendency to overdo with Moon/Jupiter. Sun is being aspected by Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. Anything to do with your ego self, what you identify with, projects you are involved in are associated to the Sun. Sun conjunct Mercury - adding mental acuity, attention to details, communication of ideas. Sun sextile Jupiter -  confidence, cooperation, optimism. Sun trine Uranus - productive, creative, innovative. In contrast to these aspecting planets to the Sun, Sun square Neptune can be the flip side to the confidence to put yourself and your ideas out there. Sun/Neptune can be experienced as a lack of confidence in your abilities, feelings of failure, wanting to avoid situations where you feel inadequate. 

Awareness is a key to navigating in astralfog. Get to know the transits, how long they last, and ways to express them that are the least disruptive. Better conscious than not when it comes to experiencing these planetary archetypes.