Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 14 2009 Moon Void of Course

After sweeping inconjunct the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio and being sextile The Sun overnight, the Moon finishes up in Cancer greeting the crack of Dawn sextile Saturn, and trine Uranus, then going Void of Course from 6:57 am PDT till 3:37 pm PDT. Moon will be close to the south node for the first part of the day, opposite Lilith Moon. Quite likely a case of the Mondays on Monday this week. At 3:37 pm PDT Moon enters Leo trine Juno and inconjunct Pluto, and will be sextile Mercury exact at 8:22 pm PDT. Likely a distinct lack of mojo for most of the day, somewhat similar to yesterday, but less annoyed, more intellectual. The final pass of Prometheus/Chronos, also known as Saturn opposite Uranus is over the next couple days, also exact from the Heliocentric perspective this time. With The Sun and Mercury joining Saturn, Juno joining Uranus, and Pluto T-square --- things are likely to be tense, although a bit mellower than yesterday. Likely a strong desire to know WTF today, but with not much footing to go on; improving in the evening with better footing and communication. Be aware of being too self assured today, in contrast to yesterday's personalization of annoyance/stress.

The Birthcard today is the 10 of Clubs, a Solar expression of a Mars core and some flexibility to experience a Venus or Mercury core with a Jack of Spades inside and a 4 of Spades outside. 10Cs include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Robert Frost, Phil Collins, Jack Abramoff, Paul Krugman, John Glenn, Linus Pauling, Steven Chu, Diego Rivera, Nelson Mandela, Dick Gregory, Ivan Pavlov, Leonard Nimoy, Flip Wilson, Eydie Gorme, Sammy Davis Jr. , Richard Dawkins, Red Skelton, Zero Mostel, Erica Jong, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Joseph Campbell, Shirley MacLaine, Dick Cheney as a representative of the dark side of the force, and rumor has it, Martin Luther.