Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept 20 2009

Mercury is halfway through retrograde this cycle, just passing The Sun in reverse. Moon finishing up in Libra will be square the north/south node axis today, sweeping trine the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio and sweeping inconjunct Uranus and Juno. Depending on which school of thought you are aligned with (see Sept 16 post), Moon goes Void of Course either traditionally from 11:44 am PDT till 9:52 pm PDT; or WTAF style from 7:15 pm PDT till 9:25 pm PDT. Again, see how it feels to you; does the mojo fade out in the afternoon or evening for you? Either way, Moon enters Scorpio at 9:25 pm PDT and does a nice mini grand trine, midpoint the the Venus/Pluto trine. Mixed messages today, possibly less restlessness and more solidity, yet with a paradoxical uncertainty than yesterday, which may or may not be a good thing. Stay flexible. But, the tension from the T-square of upheaval is likely easier on the senses, nothing like a few major Moon trines in that realm. And yet, we want to be sure, but we are not sure. Challenging, so be good to those close to you. They are mirrors of you in concert with the Archetypal Sky.

The Birthcard today is the Four of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core, with a Five of Clubs inside and a Six of Hearts outside. Examples of this Birthcard include Spike Jones, Claude Debussy, Pearl Buck, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pierre Trudeau, Amelia Earhart, Karl Gauss, Werner Von Braun, Sophia Loren, George C. Scott, Tori Amos, Ray Bradbury, Ian Flemming, John-David, Bella Abzug, Upton Sinclair, Thomas Moore, and rumor has it, Nostradamus.