Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept 28 2009

Moon in Aquarius will be harmoniously trine The Sun today, exact at 4:13 pm PDT. Yesterday and today, the Moon has aspected in ways that likely provide some relief, offsetting the hard aspects that have been with us. The meme of universality may be around today, if the intellect is stymied, just use the feelings, communicate emotionally to preclude disappointment. The Heart has reasons that reason does not understand. With the slower moving heavenly bodies, the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio is still at the focal point of a YOD pattern from the sextile of Mercury/Saturn and Mars. It is a good time to articulate childhood stuff, to plot and plan grandiouse ideas and ideals, in spite of pressures and uncertainties that are likely still abounding. Uncertanties correlated with Mars inconjunct the Jupite/Chiron/Neptune trio, and pressure from Pluto T-square Uranus/Juno and Mercury/Saturn, otherwise known as the T-square of upheaval. Regardless, enjoy today. And tomorrow when Mercury goes direct.

The Birthcard of today is the Nine of Hearts, a double Saturn with a "veiled" double Venus. Brigitte Bardot, Ed Sullivan, Warren Buffett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bootsy Collins, Hillary Clinton, Dale Carnigie, Cameron Diaz, Ernest Rutherford, Mira Sorvino, Leon Trotsky, Lady Bird Johnson, Moon Zappa, Scott Joplin, and Seymour Cray are different examples of this incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.