Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sept 26 2009

Moon in Capricorn will get the day off to a good start trine Venus exact at 6:01 am PDT, and then coasts for the rest of the day. The usual group of slower moving heavenly bodies are still with us, see prior posts for the juicy details. How was your day yesterday? With Pluto at the "beginning" of Capricorn there will be a hard Moon aspect approximately every week right after a potentially unsettling Moon Void of Course, ie conjunct Pluto (as yesterday), then square, then opposition, then square, then repeat for the next month. Particularly, if one has any planets towards the end of any constellation, say 25 degrees to 29 degrees, one may feel a strange, hard to describe "offness" (during the Void of Course) followed by classic Moon/Pluto sensations: small, insignificant/insecure, doubting, eruptive, emotional. Some weather conditions, eh? But that is how it looks, and it is hoped it will be better to know and be prepared rather than have a series of WTF experiences with no context in which to explore them. As said last month, it is up to us to find and/or create the coherence, the Light, the upper path.

The Birthcard today is the Jack of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core, a source card with the same inside and outside, all JH all the time. Ivan Pavlov, Charles De Gaulle, Lisa Kudrow, Ahnold the Governator, Henry Ford, Olivia Newton John, David Sanborn, T.S. Elliot, Terry Gilliam, Uri Geller, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Gershwin, and rumor has it, Goethe, are various expressions of this Card.