Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sept 5 2009 Moon Void of Course

Moon finishes up in Pisces this morning opposite Saturn exact at 6:46 am PDT and conjunct Uranus exact at 9:53 am PDT when she goes Moon Void of Course till 7:14 pm PDT. Then she enters Aries, square Pluto exact at 8:30 pm PDT and conjunct Juno exact at 10:45 pm PDT. Responsibility, with or without a paradoxical tendency of lithe, gregarious expression of responsibility in values today is still responsibility. Love it or hate it. Essentially, Moon gives a kick to the whole grand or not so grand cross (see prior posts) today. Starts off with a potential for struggle, activism, then goes blah for most of the day. Then ends up possibly annoyed at mis-communication. Really a good day to just chill, particularly with tomorrow being the first official day of Mercury Retrograde. As hard, or tricky as it may be, try not to take anything personally today, let it be if possible. Go see an Arthouse Flick. Be aware of the blame game, try not to play it. Not advisable to make any life changing decisions today, particularly the type of decision based on emotions that one may regret a month from now. The cheery news is that if we stay with our feet lithely on the ground through challenges, good things do happen.

The Birthcard today is the 6 of Diamonds, a Jupiter expression of a Mercury core, with a 9 of Clubs inside and a 3 of Spades outside. 6Ds include Geena Davis, Paul Allen, Christian Dior, Richard Strauss, Carrie Prejean, Courtney Love, Seal, Arthur Koestler, Emma Watson, Gore Vidal, Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Cindy Crawford, Bob Newhart, Mata Hari, Stevie Wonder, Werner Erhard, Jeanette Rankin, Tom Hanks, Thomas Wolfe, Raquel Welch, Freddie Mercury, and rumor has it Copernicus.