Friday, September 18, 2009

Sept 18 2009 New Moon

New Moon (exact at 11:44 am PDT) in Virgo, then Libra will be adding a kick to the Pluto T-square of upheaval today. She will sweep opposite Uranus and Juno; conjunct Saturn, The Sun, and Mercury going Moon Void of Course briefly from 4:56 pm PDT till 6:26 pm PDT when she enters Libra and is square Pluto shortly thereafter. Moon will be trine/sextile the north/south node axis. Somewhat like yesterday, although we are now past the exact Saturn/Uranus opposition, and past the exact Sun/Saturn conjunction; so likely a feeling of new beginnings, possibly picking up the pieces. Venus trine Pluto may well add the desire/fantasy of new beginnings; however during Retrograde, that is a pipe dream that is generally better left alone. Although it may be tempting to "force fit" rather than allow today, it would be good to take the higher, deeper path of intuition; rather than stick to the illusionary structure the familiar "law and order" or dogmatic mindset.

The Birthcard today is the Six of Clubs, a Neptune implementation of a Saturn core, with an Eight of Spades inside and a Two of Diamonds outside. Benjamon Harrison, James Monroe, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Yanni, Condoleezza Rice, Aaron Copeland, John Wayne, Rose Kennedy, Tim Robbins, Ann-Margret, Ambrose Bierce, Connie Francis, Dionne Warwick, Jessica Alba, Lady Montagu, Ron Paul, Angela Lansbury, Greta Garbo, Hunter S. Thompson, Noah Webster, Norman Cousins, Warren Beatty, Frank Sinatra, and John Glenn are various incarnations expressing through this Birthcard.