Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept 30 2009

Thirty Days hath September, all the rest, um, do you remember? Here we are on a chill day for the last day in Sept, as Moon will be Void of Course till 4:26 pm PDT when she enters Pisces, her Home away from Home. Likely a very long slow start, with the mojo picking up by dinnertime. Moon will be sextile Pluto exact at 5:55 pm PDT correlating with a desire for depth of feeling and meaning, superficiality will not do.

As sometimes happens, there are quite a tight set of clusters, giving intense, but mixed messages. Did I mention complex and intense? While being T-squared by Pluto, the Saturn/Mercury opposite Uranus/Juno axis is trine/sextile another axis: Lilith Moon / north node opposite Mars / south node. The Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio is the focal point of a YOD pattern by the sextile of Saturn/Mercury and Mars / south node. Which also means the the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune trio is inconjunct the Mars / south node conjunction and inconjunct the Saturn/Mercury conjunction. This is sounding worse than a sports commentator going on and on. Yada yada yada. Really, just lots of everything, and intensely: childhood traumas surfacing to be healed/integrated, upheaval being resisted by the status quo, uncertainty
, loneliness, change, hidden stuff being revealed from the depths; all with hints or teasers of harmony. As the Moon sweeps around and emphasizes specific facets of this, both in general as written here, and transiting one's Birth/Natal chart, we get variety.

The Birthcard of the day is Seven of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Mercury core, with an Eight of Hearts inside and an Ace of Spades outside. Varied incarnations of this card include Julia Roberts, Randy Newman, Francis Bacon, Jonas Salk, Rich Little, Truman Capote, Tina Turner, Howard Hughes, Ava Gardner, Bill Gates, and rumor has it Erasmus.