Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept 3 2009

On the second day of retrograde, my true love brought to me...Moon Void of Course this morning till 8:58 am PDT when she enters Pisces, her Home away from Home. There may be an urge to sleep in a bit longer, more so than usual. Moon will be adding a harmonious nudge to part of the grand cross, the Pluto/Mars opposition part, sextile Pluto exact at 10:18 am PDT and trine Mars exact at 8:39 pm PDT. Moon will also be inconjunct Vesta in the Morning, indicating a possible frustration to a powerful, assertive, almost aggressive vibe that may be in the air today. Heading for the Full Moon tomorrow morning, this would be a good evening to howl at the Moon, at least somewhere semi private.

The Birthcard today is the 8 of Diamonds, a crown card with a Jupiter core, with a Queen of Spades inside and a 7 of Clubs outside. 8Ds include Salvador Dali, Jimmy Carter, Neil Armstrong, Marc Chagall, Vladimir Horowitz, Paris Hilton, Arne Lein, Edgar Allan Poe, Dolly Parton, Fabio Lanzoni, Al Green, Sly Stone, Julie Andrews, Ringo Starr, Thomas Jefferson, Janis Joplin, Robert Heinlein, James Brown, Gustav Mahler, Cole Porter, Walter Matthau, Martha Quinn, Jim Jeffords, and Andrew Jackson, and rumor has it Peter the Great.