Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sept 30 2008

Before the crack of Dawn, Moon in Libra passed exact conjunct Mercury and sextile Juno, and by dawn is exact trine Neptune. By noon, while still in the orb of trine Neptune, we should be feeling the additional effect of Moon conjunct Mars (exact around 4pm PST) and sextile Pluto (exact around 6pm PST). Sweet dreams tonight, as Moon is in the orb of conjunct Venus. Back to the morning, could be good communication of feelings upon awakening, with a dreamy quality and almost psychic empathy. Be aware that any fleeting annoyance is best channeled into action, like something mundane as cleaning up around the house. A good afternoon for deep, metaphysical, existential discussions in between bouts of organization. Moon is Void of Course from a bit before 7pm PST till 9:30 pm PST further suggesting a time to reflect on things.

The Birthcard of today is the Artistic and potentially restless Seven of Hearts, a Venus expression of a Mercury core. The mythology of Eros would be an appropriate study of Art and Beauty.