Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 How do you feel?

Moon is moving off square Saturn as I write today's entry at 10:00 am PST. Over the next two days Moon will continue spotlighting a group of planets (plus Sun) in Virgo. Here is the line up: Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Sun/Saturn conjunct will tighten over the next two days. Saturn and Venus have a good gap between them, yet could still be felt; Venus and Mercury are very tight; Mercury and Mars are within reach, about as close as the Sun/Saturn. Moon has just past over Saturn so will head towards Venus, then Mercury, and then will be exact Mars sometime while you are probably sleeping on Tuesday in the earliest a.m.. Added to this grand sweep-Moon will be coming into opposite Pluto (imagine a Full Moon position between them). There could be significant ups and downs in how you are feeling about yourself and others that could potentially be confusing. My advice is to wait it out, give breathing room, remember to meditate or whatever you do for a touchstone of center. Each planet has a particular emphasis that can be an ally to your understanding. Read Intro to Archetypal Astro on the left side of this blog. Look up Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto. These planets will be playing out in the realms relevant to the Moon, which are: the past, childhood patterns, familial relationship, Mom or early caretaker issues, relationships with women, unconscious emotions. Observe how this plays out in the next couple of days. Moon is in the process of going from Gemini to Cancer (on Monday).

Today is a Two of Clubs day, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core. Uranus aka Prometheus can represent Freethinking, Change, Electricity, Upset, Eccentric. Have a look at the mythologies of Arwan and Odin, just for fun.