Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 29, 2008 Moon void of course this evening

Moon is moving its way through Leo and  is opposing Neptune (in Aquarius) this morning. You may have a feeling of unsettledness as this transit is in motion. Neptune is the watery, oceanic archetype - diffusing boundaries between self and others, past and present - sensitizing without clear distinction. Neptune with the feeling aspect of the Moon can resurface past emotional events, situations, and patterns of relationships. This transit may also be experienced as heightened sensitivity, that is, less buffer to deal with people, moods, situations. This transit lasts a few hours until around noon PST. There will be a little breather after that in terms of the Moon's activities. Later in the evening Moon will be void of course, moving into Virgo before 9 pm until around 11 pm. Sun/Saturn is still in Virgo so Moon will be conjuncting this duo tomorrow when you wake up on Saturday. Sun/Saturn can be experienced as being overly hard on yourself in terms of accomplishments, and questions such as, what have I done with my life? Some may experience a more positive side of Saturn that brings a sense of support to the things you are doing with your life (especially if other transits aspecting you Natal chart are influencing this effect). Moon lighting up Sun/Saturn will also trigger the Moon/Saturn qualities of feeling alone and separate from others. If you are aware of this prior, you can recognize it is a transit and not a permanent feeling. You can also exercise choice whether you want to engage in its perturbations. That is the positive side of being aware!
Venus is moving out of square Pluto around noon. If you are conscious of this transit you have an opportunity to be aware of this archetypal tendency to be pulled into disruptive relational patterns. There can be a greater likelihood of conscious choice of how you want to be and what you want to focus on.
Moon is trine Pluto today so it is a good time to be aware of the depth of psyche and archetypal languages. Good time for insight. Jupiter is trine Sun/Saturn conjunct. Saturn tends towards a feeling of standing on your own and with Jupiter (feeling of expansion in knowing) in a trine aspect it can feel like you are up to the task of supporting your growth and responsibility to yourself and to what you aspire to. This transit is somewhat an antithesis of the Sun/Saturn malaise of not being good enough. You get to choose what you focus on and what you need. 
Mercury, Venus, Mars are still traveling close together. Good time for creative outlets and expressions, and languages. These are squaring Jupiter, so see how that plays out in areas of creativity.

Ten of Hearts day in the Cards today, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core. The mythology of Shango may add insight for any and all of you "need to know" people.