Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31 2008 Impulsive New Moon

[guest blogger today] It is worth noting the when we refer to a heavenly body being in a constellation, it really means it appears to be that way from a geocentric or terrestrial perspective. Moon in Virgo is opposite Uranus, pulling away from the Sun/Saturn conjunction. She heads for a Square with Pluto later in the day, and tomorrow a conjunct with the cluster of Venus/Mercury/Mars in Libra. The tendency under a hard Sun/Saturn transit is one of heaviness. Combined with the double Saturn property of yesterday's card, 9 of Hearts, you may be feeling a bit of a lifting of a certain sense of heaviness today. There may be an impulsive reaction to that lifting. Moon opposite Uranus can be a propensity for sudden, impulsive emotional incidents. Moon Square Pluto can tip off deep, unexpressed or unresolved emotions, so be aware of the possibility of various mechanisms from combining unbottling with power struggles: guilt, jealousy, resentment. As (mostly) always, a very good strategy is to be current and "honest" with one's feelings while refraining from blasting with the resultant emotions. Easier said than done in real time, but well worth the practice.

Some of the fun is developing the ability to discern the distinction between the sensations of a world transit, and the sensation of a personal transit. Have a look at what is being "lit up" in one's own natal/birth chart and refer to Rob Hand's classic reference book Planets in Transit. Linkage to resources on the left under connections. There are many layers beyond what can fit in a blog, and if you take that path or tributary on your journey, your mind will be blown, in a good way, without any physical damage at how so much fits together in a multi textured, multi timbre, multi filigreed symphony of resonance.

The slower orbiting outer Planets will set the stage for different generations, and we are now moving into an era of Uranus square Pluto and Neptune sextile Pluto, with a subtle but significant distinction that both Uranus and Neptune are moving away from Pluto, the waxing phase. On a societal scale, the sweeping away old or outgrown structures, and having experiences that melt away old belief systems through deep psychological insight are in store for us.

Today is an Eight of Hearts day, the power of emotions, a Neptune implementation of a Jupiter core. The birthcard of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady of France. You may have an insight or two looking up the mythology of Herne (not to be confused with Hermes).