Saturday, August 16, 2008

Archetypes at play

Back from a brief time away - I am starting up again, this time as a co-creation. In addition to writing about world transits, we will post the card of the day. (If you want to know what card corresponds to your birthday you can click on the link on the left titled Birthcards.) We will be referring to information on the link under Birthcards titled "card spreads."  If you look at that chart, each card is in a row and column. The planet that delineates the column is considered the "core" archetypal influence of that card. The planet that is associated with the row would be how that core is expressed. For instance a King of Hearts on the chart is in the Mercury column and Mars row. At the core of the King of Hearts are the archetypal characteristics of Mercury (the communicator, sharp with details, and sometimes the trickster). Mars will be the way those attributes are expressed - Mars is action oriented, take charge, forward moving, the warrior. For the blog, cards will be used for the day to describe likely influences.
More to come later.