Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008 Another Moon trine day

Moon in Taurus is trine Pluto and Sun this morning. In the evening Moon trine Saturn and trine Jupiter will be added to the mix. Moon is pulling away from trine Pluto and Sun though you may feel some residual effects of these trines. Pluto is associated with soul depth and intensity. Moon trine Pluto is a soft aspect, meaning that it may be easier to use the energies of this transit (depth of feelings) as an experience of learning about yourself or others. However, as with all types of transits (square, trine, conjunct, sextile, oppositon) if you are not tuned in, you may find yourself a leaf in the cosmic wind. In the case of Moon/ Pluto trine, it may be easy to fall into intense deep conversations that are ultimately exhausting and not so insightful if you are not awake and aware. Not always a fun! Moon is moving off trine Sun, and again you could feel some of this transit as well. Moon/Sun can be experienced as harmony and balance in matters of home and groups. Moon/Saturn trine is a time when Saturn is experienced more as supportive rather than oppressive or blocking. There can be a sense of strength in revisiting the past, reflecting of aspects of yourself, awareness of feelings, and standing on your own. Moon/Jupiter trine is another transit that is conducive to being in groups. Tendency for pleasant and warm feelings with and from others.

This is one layer, this blog is a generic forecast (and sometimes postcast) of the world transits. If you are feeling differently, for instance if you feel perturbed on a day when the forecast is mostly smooth, as yesterday and today had mostly easy moon transits worldwide; have a look at what is transiting in your (natal) birthchart.

Get to know your natal chart. Days, weeks, months, and yes, years will have certain emotional tones, impetus for change, and propensities when your natal planets are being effected by world transits. Teaser descriptions: Saturn transiting your chart will evoke sorting, assessing, slowing down to evaluate what is important, positioning for a change of direction. Uranus is major change in significant aspects of your life-relationships, work, residence, understandings about life. Pluto, deep, intense transformations. Neptune, diffuses whatever it is transiting also sensitizes for greater understanding potentially, blurs boundaries. Moon sweeps across and accentuates these characteristics, both hard and soft.

This is a Five of Clubs day, which is a Mercury implementation of a Saturn core.

Mercury can represent the communicator, the trickster, the thinker.
Lookup the mythologies of Ptah and Loki. See if any of their stories reflect anything meaningful to you today.