Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23 Moon Void of Course

Moon is moving from Taurus to Gemini today. This morning Moon is squaring Sun and will move into square with Saturn in the later part of the evening. Moon will be exact square Saturn tomorrow morning, so as the night progresses be aware of feeling alone, separate from others, on your own, negative thinking about yourself. Moon square Sun may surface underlying tensions to look at in relationships or around the theme of home. If all is well and you are current, this transit may be experienced as energizing. Moon is trine Mars so this may be an ally in asserting yourself. Venus conjunct Mercury in Virgo is opposing Uranus. Uranus can be experienced as breaking out of the usual, new ideas-people coming into your life unexpectedly, events that may surprise or upset. Uranus is about change, innovation, breaking free from patterns that no longer serve you. Venus/Mercury is a mix of love and beauty with articulation of expression-arts, writing, travel, pleasant conversations. This conjunct opposing Uranus can put an unexpected quality of the peculiar, out of ordinary, breaking out of norms to Venus/Mars. Mars is moving out of square with Pluto. You may still feel some of the residual of the tendency to be the fighter. Moon trine Mars will temper that energy.

Today is a Three of Clubs day, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core. The mythologies of Ogoun, Tyr, and Cerridwen to a lesser degree may strike a chord. Google is your friend. See the card spreads link on the left under connections. The vertical columns represent the Archetypal core, and the horizontal rows represent the implementation or expression of that core.