Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27, 2008 Queen of Hearts day with other possibilities

Moon is at the end of Cancer and will be void of course from 5 pm to 8 pm PST this evening - moving into Leo. Moon is heading towards the Sun,Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars line up which is still in Virgo (except for Mars, which is in the next house, Libra). Moon is sextile this group throughout the day and evening. Being a sextile, it means there is an opportunity to access the more positive sides of these Moon/planet combinations. Smooth communication of feelings, pleasant feelings of being with others, getting things done amicably - are all possible with this transit. The key is tuning in to these aspects vs. some of the harder transits today. While the cluster of Sun .... Mars are being sextiled by the Moon, Mercury and Venus are squaring Pluto. Mercury is exact square Pluto this morning - this can be the tendency to coerce others towards your point of view, possibly argumentative about your perspectives, power struggles of some sort in communication with others (from you or from them to you). Venus will be exact square Pluto tomorrow evening about 5:30. Venus/Pluto - strong pulls to the darker aspects of relating. A nice sublimation of these energies are the arts (especially since Venus/Mercury are right next to each other - the art combo.). Paint, or whatever you do for creative expression if the energies of these transits seem to eclipse your emotional self. Sun is still conjunct Saturn - this can be identifying with responsibilities, tasks, perceived necessary structures for maintaining stability. Saturn may also feel depressing on the Sun (your identity) where you may not feel up to your ideal self - possibly critical of what you have accomplished, not good enough. This transit will be around awhile - so be aware of unduly harsh self-comments. It will pass as this transit changes.

If you know your natal chart, be aware of where World Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are in relationship to your Ascendant, Midheaven and key natal planets, and houses. World Saturn is 10 degrees Virgo. (If your ascendant is Virgo, and around 10 degrees, you will be going through a re-evaluation of what you are doing with your life, relationships, etc.). Saturn will be 11 degrees this evening, 12 degrees on September 4th. Uranus is 21 degrees Pisces; Neptune 22 degrees Aquarius; Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius. Uranus is retrograde (meaning it will stay within a few degrees of 21) until this Nov. 27th. Neptune is also retrograde until this Nov. 2nd. Pluto is retrograde until this September 9th. There can sometimes be the experience that certain areas in your life are finally progressing as each planet moves out of retrograde. (To look up your chart - check out the link on the left - Create a Chart.

Today is a
Queen of Hearts day, a double Neptune, the quintessential feminine, the birthcard (not birthday, birthcard) of Edith Piaf.
If you are feeling the waves of emotion today, look here.
Neptune can represent spirituality, the visionary, nebulousness, delusion,
liquids, among others.
Psychologically, the blurring of boundaries.
The mythology of Tiamat may have particular meaning.